Why are you blogging?

Recently I’ve felt inspired to start a blog. To give the thoughts in my head a platform and see what resonates with others. So this is it! Welcome, and I hope you stick around.  The remainder of this post will be goals and some meta.

What is this blog about?

Well, that is not an easy answer. It’s about my thoughts, and my thoughts don’t tend to stay in nicely categorizable boundaries. To make it more digestible I’ll have a few top level categories, and I’ll try to give ever post a series of tags so you can find only the ones you’re interested in.  Above all else it’s about abstract thoughts. And those abstract thoughts that connect things from different traditions.  It’s about syncretic abstractions.

To avoid streams of consciousness I aim to only share thoughts I find personally useful. Useful to understand the world, useful to make decisions, or useful to make me feel good. These thoughts aren’t perfect, they won’t work in every situation, they’re not always consistent, and they’re never final. But they seem to work so far. They’re not proofs, they’re not axioms, they’re heuristics.

What kind of content will you have?

Some long form text, some links to articles or videos with my thoughts, some pictures of things that caught my interest, some one line brain twisters, some whatever I come up with next.

When will you update?

Hopefully twice a week, but not on a schedule. It depends on whats in my head, and what gets positive feedback.

What do you want from me, a reader?

I want you read, I want you to think about it, and I want your feedback. I do not want debate, I want constructive dialogue. If you want me to explore a subject more tell me. If a post made no sense, tell me. If a post resonated, or struck a wrong nerve tell me. Lets have fun, lets learn together. You can email me, give me feedback on Sarahah, or participate in the comments on the article, or where I may share it on Facebook. I reserve the right to moderate the comment section as I feel appropriate.