New Years Themes

This year instead of resolutions I’ve decided on Themes and Guidelines.   Three overarching goals, and some guidelines to help promote them.   I’m not much of a fan of rules …. Plus when I slip up their black and white doesn’t help.

My themes are stability, hospitality, and creativity. There are a lot of areas in my life I’d like to be giving more attention to instead of wasting time on the internet, or other passing diversions. Stability for me is the key to do that. I want routines and habits that build space for the life I want to live, and keep myself fit for it.

The two areas I want stability to build into for me are hospitality and creativity. I really enjoy hosting friends, family, etc. I like being a space out of the rush of capitalist city life. A social settings where money doesn’t have to be exchanged to buy time, a place to slow down, a place for quiet conversation, a place to exchange ideas that might be uncomfortable in public.  There’s no need for most interaction with my friends to be mediated through spending money in loud spaces.

I also want to live into my sense of calling to art. I want to have more time to meaningfully engage with art, and to make more stuff in order to learn and grown and become what I’m being called to become. So I need to details of ordering my life to have their own time, so that I have time I can be unconstrained. I need to better schedule my life so I’m not always just rushing to the next thing I half forgot I have while my time at home gets filled with garbage because I think I have all the time in the world.

So I’m coming up with guidelines to encourage these. Like not purchasing food more often than a couple times a week (excluding work lunch for now). This way I can get in the habit of cooking and doing dishes – plus just being at home instead of running around.  I think as I finish coming up with these I might make a little spreadsheet to be accountable to myself. I’m not sure.

What are y’all doing to become your next best self this year?

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