This Easter Sunday I wish to share something new in my life. I’ve recently converted to Christianity and intend to be baptized into the Episcopal Church at St Paul’s parish in Queen Anne. For many of you this will be as shocking as it is to myself. It’s a development that’s arisen from the confluence of many streams in my life the last year or so: a realization of the lack of community building institutions in modern life, a greater respect for the joy and meaning faith brings to many, a pondering of the deeply radical message of peace, liberation, and simple living contained in the gospels, a desire to connect more deeply to the traditions of my ancestors, a new found understanding of metaphor and symbolism, an appreciation for ritual, studies of world religion and psychology, a practice of meditation, a healing of emotional wounds from childhood, and most importantly personal mystical experience.

I know many of you, especially in my queer community and my post-mormon community, rightfully have negative associations and images come to mind with Christianity and I hope that to you I can show what I believe to be the true core of the religion, once shed of the imperialistic, fact denying, oppressive cultural baggage attached to much of American Christianity.  I had to unlearn much of what I thought Christianity was, and discover a tradition that’s always been there, but hidden from me.

I’m sure I’ll write more of the 5 year journey from LDS Missionary, through the new atheists, to now in the future but for now I’ll close. Feel free to ask what any of this means to me, and I’ll gladly discuss with you.

Christ the Lord is risen today, alleluia.

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