A response to the weird hate for The Last Jedi

Spoilers spoilers spoilers. And more spoilers don’t read this until after you watch it. Mmmk?

I’m serious. I will ruin everything if you haven’t seen it.

Hopefully this is enough spoiler warnings to fill any preview text you see cause I will talk about all of the big plot points. So go away.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way. Almost every complaint I’ve seen about the last Jedi doesn’t make sense – and seem to be super fans mad they didn’t know more than other people for once.

Here are ones Ive been seeing repeated and why they don’t make any sense:

They killed Supreme Leader Snoke off without telling us his backstory or how he got so pwerful. It doesn’t make any sense! — They killed killed emperor palpatine off in RoTJ without telling us his back story or how he got so powerful, it doesn’t matter, it’s not relevant to the story being told in this movie!. Even after three prequels we only learned some of palpatines back story and nothing of his training. For that matter Yoda gets absolutely 0 backstory!

How did Leia do that! We haven’t seen her use the force like that before! — How did Luke build a light saber? How did Luke learn to get his lightsaber from the snow with the force? It’s not important , you’re supposed to see that and understand she’s gotten more powerful since return of the Jedi years and ears ago.

The casino plot was a waste of time!! — uh yeah, that was the point. Not everything works out for the good guys. Cloud city was a trap. Lando sold han out and only regretted it because they were childhood friends. A codebreaker who’s literally been telling you the whole time that there are no good guys and bad guys and all that matters is the money sold you out? No surprise there.

Since when can Luke project himself across the universe, we’ve never seen that before! — We’ve never seen Jedi do anything before they do it on screen the first time… — but why didn’t they do it in the prequels?  — Who knows! Maybe they didn’t want to die like Luke did immediately after. Maybe he discovered it because he’s Luke Skywalker who’s heavily hinted at being more powerful than ‘the chosen one’ was. It doesn’t really matter.

But now Kylo’s the big bad guy all alone, ! — I actually don’t know how this is supposed to be a bad thing. Plus it’s definitely in line with the Sith the rule of two. Something Vader failed at because he wanted Luke to join.

Why didn’t kylo Ren turn? — not every evil jack ass is actually a good guy. He killed his dad to get more powerful in the dark side ffs. We’re you really expecting him to be another Anakin? Vader came back because his whole deal was I’ll go bad to have the power to save my family.

Why didn’t the Vice Admiral just tell Poe the plan! — why in God’s loving name would the highest ranking officer they have left tell a disgraced unpredictable flyboy everything. If he’d just followed orders instead of thinking he knows best they would have had a fleet of fighters and bombers and the first order wouldn’t have known about their cloaked escape. Plus they might not have sent snokes ship after them at all if they didn’t lose the dreadnaught.

Rey finding Luke was a waste of time. — see bit above about things not always working out? Also she stole the Jedi books and Yoda joked about it right before he lit the tree on fire so that’s kinda cool. Sorry Luke didn’t come back and take over everything from all the women. He’s disillusioned and bitter. That’s his story arc. Don’t cry so much. He went there to die, and he did. But he made sure to buy the rebellion the time it needed and say goodbye to his sister. Pretty cool way to go tbh. Even Yoda was disillusioned and didn’t want to train reckless impulsive luke.

If they can just run ships into other shops to take them out why don’t they do it all the time??? — well kamikaze isn’t really sustainable, but it’s not like this is new. The executor was taking out by an AWing running into it at full speed. (And then it crashed into the death star!)

But her parents aren’t special? — well one we don’t know if he was telling the truth. There was no force ghost of been Kenobi being like yep Vader’s your dad. Two Anakin was born a slave in the middle of nowhere.

It didn’t answer my questions from. The Force Awakens — 1) not every question can be answered see thing about snoke. 2) this is the middle movie in a trilogy! Wait until the last one before you decide this is a lost type scenario.

Finally if your critique of this movie is it’s leftists propaganda because a lady with purple hair is in charge and the new Jedi is a girl not Luke Skywalker. Just stop. K?

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