Seattle and Tacoma

Thoughts as I read this article on how Seattle and Tacoma diverged and evolved separately. From the Stranger so naturally biased to Seattle. But in 2000 so before the success of the Seattle Tech scene allowed the no longer alternative Stranger to reach it’s current heights of navel gazing.

  • I’d always kinda figured the gap happened when Boeing exploded, but never really thought about why Boeing would be in Seattle and not Tacoma.  Both were ports, both are similar climates similar access. What drove Seattle?
  • The binary pairs is something I’ve been thinking about a lot recently. Fundamentally it’s self vs others.  It takes extra work to compare and not just contrast, and helps if you have a new third object to be a foil.  Easier to do when you think in yin-yang and not god/satan terms.
  • Ah… Alaska drove Seattle.
  • Not mentioned here, but fun to add.  Seattle’s park systems were built by Olmsteads successor and step-son.  Not as impressive as the alternate tacoma where the city planning was done by Olmstead Sr, but maybe another factor that drove Seattle.  Unfortunately since the designing the interstate and the canal project ruined the interconnections he envisioned.
  • Really cool that he took the time and energy to try and feel the opposite perspective.  Makes this piece have much less of a circle jerk characteristic.

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